Nutritional Consultation

The goal of the initial consultation is for your doctor to gain enough information regarding your health background to determine the proper protocol, testing, and plan to meet your nutritional needs.

This visit lasts roughly 1 hour and will cost $85. This service is included at no extra cost if already under Upper Cervical care.

Testing Options

  • Intestinal Permeability ( AKA Leaky Gut) and Food Intolerance Testing - This test requires a blood draw and tests numerous different foods, including common foods and gluten, against your blood to see if those foods activate your immune system and cause harm to your system. Labs used are the Vibrant Wellness, ALCAT test and Cyrex Labs.

  • Genotype testing - Based on your blood type, certain gene markers (determined via saliva), and numerous body measurements we can determine what foods are beneficial and toxic for your body. This test is very specific to the individual and gives a significant amount of information to change your diet and health.

  • Hair Mineral Analysis - This testing only requires a hair sample and helps determine the deficiency and utilization of the specific mineral and toxic minerals in your body. Minerals are extremely important and give great insight into internal organ function, digestion, and overall health. Analytical Research labs is used for the testing.

  • Salivary Cortisol Testing - Helps to determine adrenal function to give insight into endocrine/hormonal issues and fatigue.


Additional lab testing available if necessary and is determined on a case by case basis. For questions regarding specific testing and to determine what testing is right for you please contact us with any questions or to set up your initial consultation.